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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
10:35 pm
Blue Frog
Hey, guys,

If any of you still have BlueFrog installed, it's a good idea to get rid of it,
as the company appears to have gone belly-up.

This annoys me!

Did anyone else have this thing?

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
4:14 pm
As you may or may not know, I run the tracespam system. I am interested to get a feeling for the acuracy of spam filters these days..

I have done a few tests in a lab enviroment, and got some figures, but wanted to see what the "real world" returned.

so, what are your thoughts? is your spam filtering any good? does it give false posatives, or false negatives. If - how many?


Thursday, April 28th, 2005
11:07 pm
And now, live from Gloucestershire UK...
Hello, I've just joined spamkiller and I thought I'd best introduce myself. I'm Andrew Oakley and I'm Anti Spam Development Manager for MessageLabs. We're a large email security firm providing MX-level anti-spam and anti-virus filtering to companies, with about 4 million end users worldwide.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about new anti-spam techniques and anti-spam conferences in the USA, Canada and Europe, 'cos, y'know, I like to get out. Just so long as I don't get snowed in to Boston again.
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
12:23 pm
I have been runing this, as a baeta site for a few years now, mainly cos I didn't have the time to comercialise it...

anyone got any thoughts??

Saturday, March 27th, 2004
5:51 pm
My Anti-Spam Tips
Hi, all! I'm new to the group and wanted to say "hello" and share some of my anti-spam tips. Feel free to let me know what you think!

Note: It's a bit long, so I put it behind a cut link.
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Friday, July 4th, 2003
6:02 pm
Death to SPAM
This is infomration passed on to me from work, in a publication we get every week day (minus, possibly, holidays).  This talks of how doers of spam beware!!


Yesterday, an international consortium of politicians and industry
officials called for new global laws to block the flow of spam -
unsolicited e-mails that clog computer in-boxes. Lawmakers in Europe,
the U.S. and Australia are drafting laws that would criminalize the delivery
of unwanted bulk e-mails, which threaten to destabilize the world's
computer networks. Officials warn that without international
cooperation, spammers will continue to send mass e-mails including scams for cash and
offers ranging from university diplomas to septic tanks.

Spam now accounts for nearly half of all global e-mail circulating the
Internet, and shows no signs of going away. Lawmakers agree that new
laws should act as a deterrent to spammers but should not eliminate
legitimate marketing. They disagree, however, about whether the "opt-in" or
"opt-out" method is best for computer users to choose their marketers.
The opt-in route, now required by the European Union, requires all
e-mail marketers to get the user's consent before sending e-mail. But current
U.S. proposals carry a more advertiser-friendly "opt-out" mechanism.
The U.S. law is going to be the key," says Steve Linford, founder of the
UK-based Spamhaus Project, a non-profit group that tracks and identifies
the world's biggest spammers. "Spammers are cheering the opt-out
legislation. It legalizes the status quo."
Saturday, June 28th, 2003
12:28 pm
Let us BAN together!!
You know, I get over 2 - 6 pieces of SPAM an HOUR with one account. I start to get 1 spam per 10 days in another, and it will only increase, UNLESS I FIGHT IT. There are ways to fight spam, and I create this community in hopes of spreading a "virus" to the world that will destory and end spam forever.

DID YOU KNOW: when you start to report tons of spammers that they add you to a BLACK LIST and you can actually get a DECREASE in spam? Spammers are in the business of spamming and if they know you are reporting them (possibly shutting down their web sites and getting them into other trouble) they "report" you to other black lists. In time, if you report enough spammers, you can see a decrease in it. If not a decrease, you can at least help bring down many sites that are sponsoring spam.

JOIN!! If you are SICK of spam, I not only urge you to join, but I urge you to direct your friends to this community, until we fill it up with enouhg people to ban together as a large mass and EAT these spammers for breakfast. The only GOOD spam is Monty Python spam!!

Just remember, in having others join, DO NOT DO SO IN THE FORM OF SPAM!! We shall kick you many times over if we catch you doing so!! Later a banner for web sites shall be created so you can promote the death of spam to others.

Expect links, tricks to killing spam, and MUCH more from not only me but the members who shall soon follow.


"... we eat ham, and jam, and spam alot" - Monty Python's "Holy Grail"
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