Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote in spamkiller,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Death to SPAM

This is infomration passed on to me from work, in a publication we get every week day (minus, possibly, holidays).  This talks of how doers of spam beware!!


Yesterday, an international consortium of politicians and industry
officials called for new global laws to block the flow of spam -
unsolicited e-mails that clog computer in-boxes. Lawmakers in Europe,
the U.S. and Australia are drafting laws that would criminalize the delivery
of unwanted bulk e-mails, which threaten to destabilize the world's
computer networks. Officials warn that without international
cooperation, spammers will continue to send mass e-mails including scams for cash and
offers ranging from university diplomas to septic tanks.

Spam now accounts for nearly half of all global e-mail circulating the
Internet, and shows no signs of going away. Lawmakers agree that new
laws should act as a deterrent to spammers but should not eliminate
legitimate marketing. They disagree, however, about whether the "opt-in" or
"opt-out" method is best for computer users to choose their marketers.
The opt-in route, now required by the European Union, requires all
e-mail marketers to get the user's consent before sending e-mail. But current
U.S. proposals carry a more advertiser-friendly "opt-out" mechanism.
The U.S. law is going to be the key," says Steve Linford, founder of the
UK-based Spamhaus Project, a non-profit group that tracks and identifies
the world's biggest spammers. "Spammers are cheering the opt-out
legislation. It legalizes the status quo."
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